Ideas & Resources for Marketing Your Bakery

Dessert is a course that concludes a meal. Among all Cakes are most often eaten for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversary and congratulations celebrations. Cakes are something that people of all ages love to enjoy but only some can make. Baking a stunning cake is nothing short of an art. They can be found in all shapes and sizes, and decorated with a variety of toppings like fruit, candy, and frosting. Taste alone is not enough to market your cake business to potential clients, so it’s important to develop a marketing plans that helps promote your baking business. Lets find the Ideas & Resources for Marketing Your Bakery.

1. Smells Are Free

Perhaps the lowest barrier to entry when marketing your bakery is something that you’re, most likely, already producing – the scent coming from your delectable baked cakes! The best part is, as long as you’re already baking, it’s completely free to prop open your doors and entice hungry patrons with your mouth-watering aroma!

2. Tempt Your Customers

When you’re marketing to bakery customers, you always need to be tempting them with something new. For instance, if sugar free is the craze develop a whole line of sugar-free cakes to satisfy that new market sector. When you have something new, your customers are much more likely to be tempted into taste-testing it themselves.

3. Entice People through the Door

As you walk past any boutique shops or neighborhood restaurants, you’ll notice that most of them place a chalkboard outside on their patio.

Try making it fun – you can have a trivia question written out and a discount to any person who gets the answer right. You could also list out today’s specials. Get creative and put yourself in the shoes of your preferred customer: ask yourself what would entice you to walk through the doors of an unfamiliar bakery.

4. Offer Up Free Samples

People love free stuff, there’s no doubt about that. Give them what they want by placing some free samples out on the order counter. When they have something to try before they buy, they whet their appetite and are much more apt to purchase an extra item to satiate their newly cast craving.

5. Be Regular on Social Media

Keep your customers on the line by making your company easily accessible through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
On social media, people don’t want to be sold to constantly – it’s their time to browse photos and videos, catch up with old acquaintances, or find the latest events. Social media works best when it’s a mix of conversation, content and promotion.
On social, talk, share and sell to keep your audience engaged, but don’t annoy or alienate people.

6. Strike Up a Convo or Hold a Survey

If you’re unsure what your customers want from your bakery, strike up a conversation or hold a survey. When you have the insight of your best customers, you can create services and products that meet the needs and desires of the people who are loyal patrons of your business. The value you receive from paying attention to what the customers want will help you create more tempting offerings that keep people coming back.

7. Website with Smooth Online Ordering Functionality

Over the past decade, eCommerce websites have become a necessity for any small business that wants to succeed. As a bakery, you have the added ability to offer an easy-to-use, streamline ordering function on your website so patrons can get their baked goods on the go. Once your website is setup, you will have a whole new venue to drive revenue through.

8. Offer Discounts

Some of the best bakeries around town will throw in something extra when you buy a dozen. These places have perfected their sales technique. As a bakery owner, you need to find ways to add perceived value to your products that make the offering even better. What can you give away that doesn’t cost much but adds tremendous value to your current offerings – a coupon, free slice or extra sample?

9. Always be Friendly

As a bakery, you need to take on the role of the friendly, neighborhood shop where customers always feel welcome. Your patrons enjoy dining at your establishment because after a few visits, you’ve made a personal connection with them, know their face, their favorite order and possibly even their first name! You’re providing an experience that a big grocery store simply cannot.

Keep the lines of communication open. It goes without saying that you should greet customers with a smile when they come through your door, whether that’s a door with hinges or a virtual door.


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